Enterprise Service Bus Solutions

Connect anything with our help using the most sophisticated technology. With more than 15+ years experience in Middleware Technology we deploy your next generation ESB solutions.

What is an ESB?

An ESB transports, transforms and orchestrate data in real-time.

An Enterprise Service Bus serves as a middleware technology to connect loosely coupled systems and services. It offers a variety of transport protocols while being agnostic to the specific data format.

Transport – connect and speak to almost any other system while offering a variety of pre-built adapters.

Transform – powerful data mapping tools allow two or more systems two speak with each other without knowing the language of the other system.

Orchestrate – having mutltiple systems connected to the ESB enables us to create new services by combining two or more underlying services.

Mediate – allows to offer one service to multiple consumers utilizing different formats while re-using the same service exposed by the ESB.

Why implement an ESB?

The ESB in Detail

While there can be different reasons to implement an ESB these are among the
most common problems it solves:

Standardize – adding more and more applications to your IT landscape where all systems talk to each other can be challenging. ESB standardizes the process of adding new systems. As all systems and services are already connected to the bus adding another one becomes a lot easier, faster making IT more robust.

Automate – when all your services and systems are connected to one ESB platform they can easily talk to each other making manual data-related processes obsolete. This accelerates the data flow and improves data-quality.

Legacy РA modern cloud app just speaks another language as your legacy custom built ERP solution? Teach your ESB once how to speak with the old world and seamlessly connect all new tools seamlessly.

Why Our Solution?


Faster Development

No Vendor Lock-In

Future Proof

Our Solutions

Easily connect and integrate new applications, devices or external partner

Ability to rapidly orchestrate processes and data across multiple systems

Connect proprietary, cloud, SaaS and on-premises systems using a fraction of the time that legacy middleware technology takes

Customize solutions that fits the needs of our customers

Platforms We Implement

Only Implementing and leveraging the most sophisticated tools on the market

Provide governance and security for an unlimited range of requirements

Provides best monitoring and alerting capabilities on business and technical levels to maintain visibility

Designed for scalability for future requirements

Free Technology

Free but vendor based technology for your ESB solution

Talend Open Studio

Commercial Technology

Delivers SLAs, Support and much more. Enterprise ready.

All Talend Data Management Solutions

Open-Source Technology

Powerful open-source build by the community

A powerful combination of sophisticated Apache frameworks

Possibility to upgrade seamlessly from Open-Source or Free to Commercial!

Our ESB Service Spectrum

Application Integration Consulting

ESB Operation

ESB Surveillance

All services are rendered by our Middleware Integration Experts either on-premises, remote or on-demand.

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