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We are Integration Innovators – Sophisticated. Seamless. Essential.
We are the leading system integrator, leveraging the most advanced enterprise tools on the market, to design, create and manage lasting middleware platforms helping to integrate your business.

Our Story

15 Years and Growing

Today we help our clients across the world build, manage, and scale the world’s best application integration platforms solving the most complex integration challenges.

Over a decade ago it was just a coincidence that we got a client who needed a connection between two of there systems. Browsing for available software solutions brought us to Sonic ESB which was pretty new on the market. As Java developers we liked the concept and technology they were offering. After establishing the platform more and more connections and systems have been added.

15 years later we are solely focusing on integration problems as we noticed the possible gap and niche: clients or there consulting partners often did not have the necessary experience to solve complex integration problems. Our idea was to focus on this area to become real integration experts.

Our Clients & Partners

Facts & Figures

Some stats about us.

About Us
Founded: 2008
Team Size: 10
Locations: Chicago + Bremen

Technical: Data & Application Integration
Industry: Mainly Logistics and Retail Processes
Partner: Talend Partner since 2012.


André Sluczka, CEO & Founder

Founded Datagrate to help customers integrate legacy enterprise systems with modern devices and applications leveraging open-source technology. Proven business development leader, skilled and experienced in complex enterprise IT integration projects.

Professional with more than 10 years of proven expertise in the development and delivery of complex integration solutions. Prior to co-founding Datagrate served as independent contractor for corporations such as SIEMENS, Landesbank Berlin and Otto Group.


What is most important to us.

RESULTS – ultimately everything is about delivering results and creating genuine, positive impact on your company. We’re really quite a lot more than mere systems integrators – we’re business enhancers. Our solutions help your organization function better in the market, contributing to your bottomline.

UNIQUE SERVICE – we’re going beyond mastering the technologies we use. Our experiences allowed us to create our own solutions that can be implemented in your projects to improve your business performance like nobody else really can.

FLEXIBILITY – we’re lean, focused and agile. Our small size allows us to move faster and adjust to your needs better, without the burden of unnecessary bureaucracy. We’re there for you in any challenges you face.

PROFESSIONAL – while it may sound like a cliché, that is how and who we are. We’re experts in the area of systems integration. That means we work swiftly and efficiently to design, implement and later maintain any solution you need. Contact us to arrange a conference call and learn more about what we can do for you.



Proudly serving our US based clients.

Datagrate, Inc.
1658 Milwaukee Ave #100
Chicago, IL 60647 United States
Phone: (312) 957-5727
Email: enquiries@datagrate.com

We work Central Time.


Proudly serving our EU based clients.

Recus GmbH
Konsul-Smidt-Str. 8r
28217 Bremen, Germany
Phone: +49 421 6950994-0
Email: enquiries@recus.de

We work Central European Time.

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