API Solutions

We design and create APIs on top of your systems. Bringing them to the next level. Whether you want to build an API layer on top of your legacy ERP system, expose a database as an API service or create a service-oriented business layer – our API solutions experts will help.

Our experts leverage the most sophisticated tools combined with deep technical and business expertise to let our customers modernize and strengthen their IT strategy.

API Services

Our services range from technology evaluation to to custom implementation and operations support.

  • Proof of Concept: Is an API solution the right strategy for my project?
  • Select technology stack and establish an architecture
  • Implement the desired API solution
  • Establish operational effeciency
  • Enable, train and coach your team

API Management Benefits


Connecting to legacy systems can be challenging. Build an API layer on top of your application enabling you for faster adaption.


A solid API management strategy helps your IT staying operational protecting your business assets.


Easily scale your IT while the business is growing. Modern API technology let’s you scale your platform in minutes.


Once established the API platform significantly reduces costs and lowers the amount of resources needed to operate and develop.

Common Use Cases

Legacy System Modernization

Sometimes it can be challenging to connect and develop against older systems, being designed decades ago. Building an API layer on top of it helps your IT and partners dramatically decrease development time.

Think of: Create an order in SAP with a single REST call only requiring data belonging to your specific business case.

Database as an API Service

Whether it is your custom build application or a 3rd system not having an API: an effective approach is to expose your database as an API endpoint.

Think of: Easy access to all your databases or data warehouse for your IT and 3rd party partners.

Service Oriented Architecture

A simple idea: Exposing your business as a reusable service endpoint. Properly implemented let’s you revolutionize your business in the age of digitization.

Think of: As a financial data provider offer your data and processes to 3rd party consumers growing your business.

Mobile App Connections

New apps need to be connected to your existing IT infrastructure. Create an API based solution and connect all your apps seamlessly.

Think of: Your new property management app needs secure, scalable, proper access to all your ERP and CRM data.

Explore the possibilites of modern API solutions