Integrated Surveillance Center

Knowing any IT related issue before it impacts the business. Essential. When middleware connects your most essential IT systems Рwhether its the core ERPs system, an eCommerce platform or any app Рyou want to be aware of any issues impacting your business. Our strategies, tools and techniques are the perfect strategy for business monitoring, response and issue resolution.


Enable your middleware platform to be effectively monitored. Gather custom requirements and setup SLAs if desired.

  • Define individual process oriented metrics and statistics
  • Define time ranges to lookup any issues
  • Create alerting libraries for your crucial business processes

Example: How often do I expect an order to be shipped from my eCommerce app into the ERP system during daytime?


Several steps are required to react correctly. Knowing when and who to inform with
meaningful details about the incident is essential.

  • Determine the severity of the event
  • Collect all required process and technical related information
  • Inform pre-defined contact groups about the issue and escalate if necessary

Example: We do not want to informthe CEO about one single missed order during the night. But we do want to let the IT department know the next morning.


Investigate further and try to resolve the root cause of the incident. If this is not possible there might be a small workaround available.

  • Technically investigate what was causing the false behavior
  • Prepare a solution or workaround and resolve the issue as quickly as possible
  • Create a report and detailed documentation

Example: A technical user being used to retrieve the orders had his password expired as it turned midnight. After informing the eCommerce provider about the expired password the system could re-process orders after just 30 minutes.


We monitor middleware, integrations and interfaces:

Our Integration Surveillance Center monitors your platform for stability

Data-related connections to subsystems are carefully watched

Setup specific process oriented surveillances

Raise alerts for events

Fix issues related to middleware or inform responsible partners.

24/7 service available



We enable your department to effectively monitor middleware:

We enable the IT department to effectively monitor middleware platforms

We setup the necessary technical environment leveraging our experience

Based on common OpenSource software

Does not trigger license costs

Provide training and expertise related to business process monitoring