Managed Integration

Jump-start your custom middleware platform in days at a friction of the costs.
Benefit from our experience and get your custom middleware platform rolled out in days. Based on our partner’s open-source software technology you will get a highly scalable and reliable platform with no need to pay for the software.

When you are looking for solution that almost all capabilities and features of an enteprise software offers then we are the right partner to build, deploy and operate the platform for you.


Low Costs

We offer a flexible template based middleware platform that can be rolled out in days. You pay only for the service on a monthly fixed service price so that we can take care about you.

Sophisticated Technology

We understand that our customer’s time and money is an investment. While only leveraging widely-used open-source technology we make sure that your investment is future proof.

Highly Scalable

Not only is our platform highly scalable from a technological standpoint but it is always possible to upgrade and buy SLAs from our software partners once necessary.



  • Make sure our Middleware-as-a-Service solution is right for you
  • Collect your custom requirements
  • Selecting the right technology for your business and IT department
  • Building a Middleware Compliance Strategy



  • Rollout our Middleware platform into your organization
  • Installation On-premises, cloud or hybrid possible
  • Deploying necessary features like security, high availability, monitoring, backup




  • Develop interfaces connecting all your systems
  • Build and deploy webservices, REST APIs for real-time purposes
  • Connect databases and create batch jobs
  • Build whatever you can think of
  • Monitor the overall platform availibility
  • Detect issues in your integrations, connections or 3rd party software
  • Alert business and IT about the incident and fix the issue
  • Monitor security updates
  • Adapt interfaces to upcoming data or application related changes
  • Upgrade platform infrastructure whenver appropriate
  • Scale and spin up new servers whenever necessary

Project Based

Let our experienced interface designer build your interfaces. We will charge on an hourly basis


Operation and Maintenance is including in the subscription. We make sure your platform is up and running 24/7.

Scale Up

When your business takes-off we want you to give the possibility to bring your platform to the next level. Together with our partner Talend you can add enterprise level SLAs right from the vendor without switching the platform!

  • Add 24/7 support via web, mail and phone from the vendor
  • Sign legally binding contracts including SLAs / EULA
  • Get Indemnification

Whom This Is Ideal For?

Smaller IT departments lacking resources and expertise in middleware technology.

Companies wanting to empower the variety of available cloud apps and legacy systems.

Where becoming an integrated and connected business is crucial for your success.

Companies looking for a cost effective but flexible middleware solution provider, not only a technology.

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